The American Values Project

Rather than look at issues through the lens of ideology, we suggest viewing those issues from a perspective of the values all Americans share.  This project will focus on the development of a common value framework, discovering the true values we share regardless of ideological or theological identification.

The American Progress Project

Like it or not, the world is changing around us.  Technology and globalization are factors which affect not only our economy but the culture of our nation.  This project will focus on how America can remain in the leadership position when it comes to a changing world, identifying the very important issues which face the global village, and then how the United States can seize the mantle of leadership.

The Civic Engagement Project

One of the most important responsibilities of a citizen is to participate in the democratic process.  Less than 60% of eligible US voters will make it to the polls during a Presidential Election.  That number drops substantially during mid-term elections.  The goal of this project is to find ways to engage people and get them to participate in not only elections, but get them involved in the discourse.  At a time when the nation is so divided it is time when we need everyone to participate.  We want everyone to be part of the solution going forward!

The Media Literacy Project

Media literacy is ability to access, evaluate, and comprehend the messages involved in modern communication.  Consumers of information need to be able to recognize if the source of information is credible.  They need to understand if the writer or media has a hidden agenda; if they are writing with an intent to sway the consumer in some way to further a specific cause.  They need to be able to differentiate between fact and opinion.  Consumers need to develop high level critical thinking skills, and expose themselves to information from a variety of sources, not just those that make themselves comfortable.  They need to be able to read between the lines of articles, see where bias or misinformation resides, and properly eliminate the noise from the media.

The "MAGA" Project

There may not be a more polarizing phrase in the United States right now.  There are many people who say that America is pretty great right now and doesn’t need to be made great again.  The Bilateral Commission believes that America is great, but does recognize that there is always room for improvement.  Because 62,000,000 Americans threw their support behind this moto, we must acknowledge the claim made by Donald Trump and listen to the people who adopted this perspective.  If America is having problems, and needs improvement to become great again, what is it that drove these particular voters to support this claim?  While addressing these voters we must also consider the majority that did not vote for Mr. Trump and tackle the issues that drove their votes to other candidates as well.  This project will attempt to find ways to "Make America Great Again" for all Americans.

The New Federalism Project

States Rights is an interesting concept many of the founding fathers strongly believed in.  The world has changed, becoming much smaller in many ways, where federalism takes on a new form.  This project will review the idea of federalism in the context of smaller world with much greater interdependencies to take into consideration.