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Part of The Bilateral Commission mission is to provide opportunities for authors with ideas on how to forward the common values and goals of the average American.  Our publications will be focused on understanding the mechanisms of government, politics, media, and the corporations who influence the very apparatus we allow to influence and guide our lives. 

If you are an author with a work you believe can help Americans gain insight or understanding of the problems facing our country today, please feel free to reach out to us through our Contacts page.  We want to help you get your message out too!

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Speak Truth to Power!

Speaking truth to power is recognized as a peaceful way of taking a stand on issues.  Commonly acknowledged as being first used by the Quaker movement in 1955, as a way to challenge the American fixation on war and the reliance on the military industrial complex, it preached a pacifist ideal in holding our leaders responsible for their actions.

The Bilateral Commission Press presents books with this in mind.  Each book is intended to speak truth to power and give a voice to those who do not have one in the current political climate.

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