Bilateral Commentary

  • As the Trump Administration approaches the historical 100 day mark of their existence the executive is looking for a quick and decisive win to help right his listing ship.  After failures of health care reform, military attacks with no apparent endstate in mind, and an inability to gain traction on either his wall or travel ban on Muslims, Mr. Trump is targeting one of his favorite bugaboos - trade.  Placed in the crosshairs of the vitriol from the Oval Office is the United States' most important ally, trade partner, neighbors to the north, and all around polite people.  Yes, Canada is now to blame for all things wrong with our economy.

  • Democrats have an incredible opportunity to wrestle power back from the Republicans.  Donald Trump is the least popular President in the first hundred days of his administration since the metrics were first tracked.  Instead of taking advantage of every misstep by Trump and the Republicans in Congress, the hapless Democrats seem satisfied to spin in circles and sit on the sidelines, hoping a win will fall in their laps.

  • Democrats, under new Chairman Tom Perez, have launched a "unity" tour in an attempt to fire up their base.  They have trotted Bernie Sanders to show they are serious about mending a rift that developed during the primaries, but this is smoke and mirrors.  If the Democrats are serious about healing any wounds and becoming the party of the people, like they claim, they will have to get their message together and learn some message discipline.