Bilateral Commentary

  • Credibility of information is extremely important as we inform our opinions and educate ourselves on issues.  The White House and the Presidency are two institutions which we should consider to be the most credible in the land.  Yet, with Donald Trump in the White House, that credibility continues to slide.  As Mr. Trump continues to assail the press, especially the mainstream media, with accusations of "fake news" we must consider the validity of these claims and the impact they have on our democracy.  Is Mr. Trump accurate, or is he lying to the people and damaging our most trusted institutions?

  • White Nationalism reared its ugly head in America, and the country turned its eyes and ears to the sitting President to right a wrong.  Instead of condemning those who side with the most vile elements within our culture, Donald Trump defended the indefensible, putting himself, his administration, and the United States, on the wrong side of history.

  • After an absence forced by a procedure that discovered a brain tumor,  John McCain returns to the Senate today to cast a vote on the Republican attempt to replace or repeal Obamacare.  Senator McCain has opportunity to save the healthcare insurance for millions of Americans, by casting a dissenting vote, or he can vote along Party lines and kill that coverage, the same type of coverage that allowed for the discovery of his cancer.  Millions of Americans are looking for a hero to stand up for them and do the right thing.  Will Senator McCain be a hero for the American people, one last time?