"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

- Abraham Lincoln


The United States is viewed as a divided country, two Americas as it has been described, where two similar yet different ideological interests wrestle for power, as provided by the electorate. 

Bilateralism is the conduct or strategy to establish cultural, economic, or political relations between two states.

The Bilateral Commission has been established to find the common ground between the two Americas.  As a bipartisan interest we research and promote the common values of all Americans, and encourage solutions which provide benefit to all people who call the United States home.

Change Begins with an Idea!

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

THINK of the Possibilities!

THINK Locally!

THINK Cohesively!

THINK Nationally!

THINK Rationally!

THINK Globally!

THINK Peacefully!

Latest Commentaries

Donald J. Trump continues to tell people, far and wide, that his electoral victory provides him a mandate to make the changes he so desires, even if they contradict what he said on the campaign trail.  Does Mr. Trump really have a mandate from the people?  This post discusses whether the Trump victory in the 2016 US Presidential Election establishes a mandate for sweeping changes.

Oversight is a process meant to keep corruption of our political system to a minimum.  But what happens when those in the positions to provide oversight choose to only execute their duties against those they consider political enemies?  What happens to our government and what happens to our democracy?

Americans vote their peers to go to Washington to represent them and their best interests.  These Representatives are supposed to defend the values and beliefs of their constituents - all constituents - but are we getting the representatoin we deserve?  Are we getting the democracy we deserve?  Are Americans getting the fair and equal representation they should be expecting when they send their representative to Washington?